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Shed and fence Mate designed for use on all rough sawn garden timber including sheds, fences, gates, hutches, kennels, cold frames and trellises.

Shed & Fence Mate is an easy to use solvent free.

Shed and fence treatment specifically designed to provide a safe alternative to creosote without the associated hazards.

The product provides a durable water repellent finish to all rough sawn timber and is totally harmless to plants and animals,

Contains carefully selected UV resistant pigments and water repellent waxes

The Colour last up to six times longer than creosote.


Solvent free formulation.


Low odour,

Harmless to plants and animals.

Easy to use

Water clean up of spills and tools.

Water repellent special waxes shed water for increased durability..

Long lasting finish.

Available in a range of 5 colours

Will cover existing creosote, providing it is well weathered, i.e. it is

non-water repellent.


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