CEF impellers are affordable yet great products designed for the budget-conscious customer. Made in Italy for popular water pump brands, inboard engines, water cooling pumps and outboard motors.

8 Bladed Impeller for Inboard Engine Pumps.

The CEF: 500106.GT for:

Vetus 301

Johnson 09-1028-B

Renault RC320D

Aifo 8108228

Mercruiser 47-801332602

Perkins 24880031

Renault RC320D

Caterpillar 3N1906

Yanmar 127610-42200 120650-42310

Yamaha/Sole 347.11.008

Jabsco 920-0001 (8 Blades)

Volvo 877061 875593-6 3841697 21951356

Shaft 16.0mm, Diameter 65.0mm, Depth 50.2mm,

8 Blades.

Shaft: Splined.

How to remove an old impeller:
Remove the impeller with slip joint pliers or a Johnson Pump Impuller
How to fit a new impeller:
Lubricate the shaft and the inside of the pump body and the end cover. Use Johnson Pump Lubrication to help develop prime and prevent damage from dry-running the pump at initial start-up. Mount the impeller by making a pushing and twisting movement in the rotating direction. Lubricated impellers should not be stored for extended periods of time. The engine should be run after installation of a new impeller to wash out the lubrication. These recommendations apply to any service work on the pump and its components that require the use of lubrication inside the pump for assembly and start-up.
Warning! Do not use any petroleum-based products to lubricate the inside of the pump. Only use Johnson Pump Lubrication. Other products can damage the impeller, which will damage the pump and lead to engine failure. Do not run the impeller without water or lubricant; this can cause engine failure or a fire.

1. A vacuum is created as the flexible impeller vanes straighten upon leaving the cam, drawing liquid into the pump.

2. The rotating impeller carries liquid from the inlet to the outlet port.  As a consequence of their design, flexible impeller pumps can pass fairly large solids.

3. When the flexible impeller vanes regain contact with the cam, they bend and the liquid is discharged from the pump in a uniform flow.  Liquids can be pumped in the opposite direction by reversing the rotation of the pump.

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