Heavy Duty formula removes dirt, grime, stains and oxidation from all kinds of plastic, rubber and vinyl surfaces. Apply to any Type inflatable or fender to clean, shine and protect exterior surfaces. Leaves a long lasting polymer coating to protect against future weathering. Contains UV inhibitors. The quick and easy way to restore and maintain all Types inflatables and fenders. 

•Heavy duty formula removes dirt, grime, scuff marks and oxidation stains.
•Safe for use on all rubber and vinyl surfaces.
•No hard rubbing or buffing required.
•Leaves a tough protective coating.
•The quick and easy way to maintain inflatable boats and boat fenders.
•Safe for all Types of inflatables.
•Removes oxidation, dirt, grime and stains from all Types of inflatable boats and boat fenders
•Restores Colour and protects against salt and UV exposure
•Works on all PVC, Hypalon®, neoprene and other Types of fabrics.

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