Duralac Green is a chromate-free jointing compound designed to inhibit electrolytic decomposition between dissimilar metals. Single pack, air setting product. Used correctly, Duralac Green prevents anodic decomposition.


  • Excellent adhesion properties to most substrates
  • Low solubility in water and will not erode with time
  • Very low water absorption
  • Duralac Green is supplied ready for use and must not be thinned. It is best applied by brush.
  • When Duralac Green is applied to metal or other surfaces the volatile solvent evaporates and the compound sets to the touch, but remains tacky for a considerable period.
  • It is important that the joint should be closed while Duralac Green is still tacky - to ensure that it will flow sufficiently under pressure to close the gaps in the joint. It will harden somewhat if a thin film is left exposed to the atmosphere for a long period and this will prevent the making of a close joint.
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