Stick 2 Rapid Epoxy Syringe Adhesive two part Adhesive Industrial strength clear adhesive.

Exceptionally strong sets hard in just 10 minutes.

Ideal for bonding metals, jewellery precious stones, various hard plastics, crockery, glass, wood, china, dry concrete, rubber, fabrics, crystal etc.

Can be drilled, sanded, machined, painted.

Temperature resistant from -20 to +70 Deg C.

Product Application:

Ensure surfaces are clean dry and free from dust, rust and grease.

Roughen surfaces with sandpaper to improve adhesion.

Remove cap from centre of twin plunger and snap off tab from bottom of nozzles.

Use plunger to push out equal lengths of resin and hardener onto a clean disposable surface.

Replace cap on nozzles first then Mix thoroughly for 30 secs to 1 minute with mixing stick provided.

Mixed adhesive is usable for only 4 minutes.

Only mix small quantities in one go.

Apply adhesive immediately to both surfaces.

Assemble and hold or clamp until adhesive starts to cure.

Carefully remove any residual adhesive with a sharp knife before adhesive sets.


Adhesive will cure faster at higher temperatures and conversely slower at low temperatures.

At 20 Deg C the adhesive sets hard in 10 minutes and is fully cured in 12 hours.

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