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The PSS (Packless Sealing System) shaft seal is designed as a maintenance free alternative to the traditional packing glands and stuffing boxes. The PSS does not require a greaser drip to lubricate the shaft, if does not require packing and it doesn't need adjusting or maintaining once installed. The design of the PSS seal makes it 100% watertight when installed correctly to prevent water leaking into the bilge, and it also protects the propeller shaft from wear.

A mechanical seal is created between a rotating stainless steel 316 rotor and a stationary carbon/graphite stator. The stator attaches to a convoluted rubber bellow which attaches at the other side to the stern tube (shaft log) with the use of hose clamps. The rotor secures to the prop shaft to complete the installation. Because the bellows can compress and expand, fore and aft movement of the shaft caused by propeller thrust does not affect the seal created. The static carbon stator is purposely bored larger than the shaft diameter to allow for any problems caused by misalignment and vibration.

Under normal operating conditions, the carbon stator and the stainless steel rotor should never need replacing, and nor should the two nitrile O-rings used to seal the rotor to the shaft. This PSS seal features a rubber bellows which is designed with durability, strength and elasticity all in mind. Seals are available in a wide range of sizes for different propeller shafts and stern tube diameters.

All PSS shaft seals are certified by ABS, Bureau Veritas and RINA.


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