Ultraflex mechanical steering helms T71FC and T73NRFC, as well as their dual cable versions use Planetary Gear Design. A Planetary Gear design has three satalite gears that rotate on their axis and at the same time rotate around the central helm axis. This allows for equal distribution of engine torque over three points of the central gear, dividing and balancing the system loads. The benefits of the special design are increased system longevity, increase efficiency and less engine feedback compared to single pinion gear helms.

Suitable For 6123** SC-16 or M66 Cable
Feedback Yes
Helm Bezel Heavy Duty Helms
Number of Cables Dual
Construction Corrosion resistant material and the cable output ends are all stainless steel
Steering Wheel Turns 3.8 Lock to Lock
Stroke [Mech Stroke] 9"
Suitability 6123** (SC-16 or M66) Cable
Taper 3/4"

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