Omniflex® System Features;

Elastomeric polymer of the highest quality, as used on sailboard mast knuckles and industrial hinges.

Completely omni-directional in operation and capable of many millions of flexures without failure.

Your extension can be completely removed for security purposes or easily exchanged for another length, grip or colour without unscrewing it.

Screw holes pitch is identical to our existing stainless steel base so is interchangeable.

Saddle spacers convert the base to tit circular tillers of 25mm (1 in. ) and 32mm (ii/4 in. ) diameter.

Two sizes available to fit 16 or 20mm tube.

Cord core version is available as a safety 'get you home‘ model. Manufactures under licence of existing patents.

Tube diameter (mm): 16

Weight (g): 20

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