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Lenco's tactile switches are the most innovative trim tab switches on the market today. All have the new switch technology which improves accuracy and integrates the control box functionality into the key pad bezel. Choose between the standard integrated switch kit or the LED indicator switch kits.

Common Features:

Simple, quick, Plug & Play installation

Instant response

Built-in retractor

Low profile key pad design

Self-contained key pad with waterproof Plug & Play Deutsch connectors

Wiring harness length 30" (76.2cm) from the back of the switch bezel

Power pigtail & second station 100m connection socket

21/16" (5.24cm) hole cut-out size

Overall key pad size of 2.75" x 2.75" (6.98 x 6.98cm)

4.08" (10.36cm) clearance required from the back of the key pad mounting location

LED Switch Kits have additional features:

2 high-intensity LED Indicator displays show the exact position of your trim tabs at all times

Photo Eye for optimum viewing in all light conditions

Backlit key pad for optimum viewing at night

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