Triangle designed to overcome the propeller of the boat's engine and, at the same time, maintain the tension of the inflatable's drag line or the water ski shot.

It is formed by a fast connector made of resistant floating plastic in the shape of a triangle, which includes a pulley to maintain the tension of the rope.

In addition, it incorporates a 2.5 meter long floating rope with two stainless steel carabiners at the ends with the intention of hooking them to the lifting eyes that the boats include in their stern mirrors. The rope is easily adjustable in length, depending on the conditions of each boat.

The maximum breaking load of the set is 530 kgs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The tip of the triangle should not be connected to the drag after any metallic object, since it could split. It must be connected directly to the drag line by inserting it through the hole and adjusting it to the two peaks of the arrowhead.

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