Ball valves, like gate, globe, and needle valves, are named for the element in them that controls the fluid flow. Ball valves have a spherical flow controller with a cylindrical hole bored in it. When the bore is aligned with the fluid flow the valve is open. Rotating the ball 90 degrees turns off the flow. Ball valves are typically used in on/off applications. A full port or full bore ball valve has an over-sized ball, so that the hole in the ball is the same size as the pipeline, resulting in lower friction loss. Flow is unrestricted but the valve is larger and more expensive. This is only used where free flow is required, for example in pipelines requiring pigging. Full port valves are recommended for pipes where both solids and liquids will be flowing through the valve. The open design reduces the amount of build-up which could affect the valve’s performance over time.

Chromed Brass with a Stainless steel handle

3/8" - A = 11mm, B = 41mm

1/2" - A = 12mm, B = 50mm

3/4" - A = 13mm, B = 56mm

1" - A = 14mm, B = 65mm

1 1/4" - A = 18mm, B = 80mm

1 1/2" - A = 20mm, B = 90mm

2" - A = 23mm, B = 105mm

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